Office Hours
Griffenfeldsgade 7A
2200 Copenhagen N

(+45) 53533853
Instagram: @off_hrs

Office Hours is a graphic design practice based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We primarily work with books, publications, websites and visual identities. In our practice we enjoy developing conceptually strong designs based on an analytical and research-driven approach. Through conversation with the involved parties the design becomes an integral part of the process, where consideration for content, context and detail are in focus.

Office Hours is run by Louise Kock and Mai Dybdal, both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.

A3, art paper, first issue featuring photographs by artist Viktor Knötzel. 29,7 × 42 cm (folded) / 42 × 59,4 (unfolded), 32 pages, published by Papercut Issues (2021)

Bog om maskiner, Samuel Butler. Book, 125 × 176 cm, 68 pages, published by Demonte (2021)

de pegede på en livmor, der havde udviklet tænder, texts by Hiromi Itō and Kristen Alvanson. Booklet, 14,8 × 21 cm, 46 pages, published by Terrapolis (2020)

Identity and web design for Atelier Axo, a crossdisciplinary design- and architecture practice based in Copenhagen. The website shows a nonlinear assembly of imaginary, as well as realised projects from the atelier’s archive (2020)

Balthazar Filmkritik, No. 05, Spring/Summer 2020 issue. A bi-annual journal for film critique, 15 × 22 cm, 184 pages

Tides, debut album by Alto Aria. Poster and booklet, A2/A5, published by Rhizome (2020)

꿈에서 관목이 무너진 집을 뒤덮고 있었다 / i drømmene var hans hus ødelagt og groet til med buske, texts by Lee Seung-U, Pyun Hye Young, Kyung-sook Shin and Kim Yong Taik. Book, 11,2 × 17 cm, 96 pages, published by Terrapolis and LTI Korea (2019)

Balthazar Filmkritik, No. 04, Autumn/Winter 2019 issue. A bi-annual journal for film critique, 15 × 22 cm, 152 pages

Alt skal væk! Nye kritiske essays, Per Aage Brandt. Book, 15 × 23 cm, 244 pages, published by Forlaget Basilisk (2019)

In Between Fact/Fiction, 2018, 17,6 × 25 cm, 120 pages

Dissemination of Details – From Form to Form, 2017, 17 × 24 cm, 40 pages

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